Posted on 2/9/2012 12:33 PM

Spriggs Consulting Services (SCS), a small veteran owned business, announces the formation of the Spriggs Law Group (SLG) to serve clients engaged in disputes and litigation before federal agencies and tribunals.  SCS was established January 1, 2011 to assist with solicitation and proposal review, compliance with contract and regulatory requirements, to identify and prevent contract (and subcontract) problems and to resolve disputes by negotiation and mediation, short of litigation.  Alas, not all disputes can be resolved.  SLG takes the problem solving effort through litigation at the federal level before the Court of Federal Claims, the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals, the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals and the Government Accountability Office (the tribunals).

What does SCS do?  Contractors and subcontractors can bid improvidently because they do not know the rules and do not have experienced eyes looking at solicitations.  They can lose the award and need help deciding whether to protest.  They can lose money and wonder if they can recover their losses from the government.  They can run into compliance problems by not managing contract performance with a careful eye to contract and regulation requirements.  SCS identifies problems and solves them short of litigation.  Years of litigation teach dispute avoidance and resolution techniques which can avoid litigation.  So, if you are bidding on a contract, have lost the award or are losing money on the contract, SCS is the place to go.

What does SLG do?  If all else fails, SLG handles the litigation.  SLG plans to hire sufficient attorneys to handle even the most complex litigation.  However, as a small business, SLG is tuned into the budget constraints of other small businesses and medium sized businesses as well.  Thus, SLG is able to provide flexible pricing designed to meet today's budget constraints.  Having a lawyer as your contract manager always is a good idea (SCS).  But having a lawyer for litigation is a practical if not legal requirement (SLG).  If you want to file your protest at the Court of Federal Claims, you must have a lawyer admitted to that court.  If you file a protest at GAO, you will need a lawyer so he or she can see the complete procurement file.  If you go to one of the boards of contract appeals, you need qualified representation.

SCS continues its mission unchanged.  SLG is now on board.  The SLG web site is  That site is under construction but should be available soon.  The SLG email address is

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#1 - Posted on Thursday, February 9, 2012 8:23:32 PM by Dave Grover

Congratulations, Bill!

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