Enhancing Productivity

Posted on 8/23/2011 10:45 AM

Your job is productivity in performance of contracts and subcontracts.  Our purpose in writing these notes is to enhance your productivity.  You need to keep up with the latest procurement news and you need helpful pointers on government contract rules and regulations.  Our goal is to be your one stop for all of this.  We are trying to enhance your productivity by eliminating the need to search far and wide for the answers.

 We are a member of all the important government contract organizations.  We keep tabs on recent developments by attending meetings and reading all the recent industry association publications.  We subscribe to all the relevant sources of acquisition information.  We have an intelligence network of people who keep track of what is going on.  In sum, one of our jobs is information intelligence.
We don't report on everything.  We try to separate the wheat from the chaff.  We also give you our opinions based on over 40 years of experience in acquisition management and litigation.  We are not omniscient.  We don't see and know everything.  And we don't purport to report on everything you may be interested in.  But that's your job.  Let us know what subjects you'd like us to cover.


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