Posted on 7/23/2011 9:25 AM

GAO takes the position that it generally will not review protests of an agency decision to perform work in house because that is a matter of executive branch policy.  However, GAO recognizes that the Competition in Contracting Act allows it to decide protests involving alleged violations of procurement statutes or regulations.

GAO will review decisions to cancel solicitations if the solicitation involves a cost comparison between contracting out and performing the work in house, where a statute or regulation requires such a cost comparison and where the rationale for canceling a solicitation is a mere pretext for going in house.  As to the latter situation, GAO once sustained a protest because it determined the excuse for going in house was flimsy.


I asked a government official today about the fact that I could not find contract/acquisition management opportunities on FedBizOps.  I told him my firm is looking for contract work to help the federal workforce handle some of its contract administration workload.  The official told me to forget about it.  All that work is being "insourced". 

We have prepared a webinar/seminar on "How to Deal with Insourcing."  We've sent the 36 presentation slides out to our clients and friends.  Let us know if you would like to hear and see the presentation.



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