Posted on 1/22/2012 8:17 AM

We've reported several times on OFPP's myth busting campaign.  It's a laudable effort to improve communications between government and industry.  Dan Gordon, now at George Washington University's law school, was its champion and indefatigable promoter.  Lesley Field now leads OFPP and she sounds just as committed as Dan (who, by the way, will continue to speak out in his new position).  Here's what Lesley recently wrote:

"Bill - thanks for your note.  We continue to promote the MythBusters principles and hope to have a follow-on effort that addresses myths from the private sector's perspective this spring.  Additionally, agencies have developed and most have posted their vendor [communications] plans.  We hope to make these more easily available through a central location shortly, and we're planning additional improvements that will make it easier for businesses to find out about collaboration opportunities with agencies.  So, we're very much committed to continuing the MythBusters effort and would be happy to discuss further."

We really need to hear from you on this.  Please send me an email about your successful and your unsuccessful efforts to engage the government, particularly contracting officers, in meaningful conversation.  Please send us a note about your experiences.


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